5 Tips to Sleep Better When Travelling

5 Tips to Sleep Better When Travelling

Your bags are packed, you're out of office is set and shortly you’ll be sipping a cocktail on a beach far far away. Before you get there, and until teleportation is invented, you do unfortunately have to make the actual journey to the destination (sigh).

Travelling to and from holidays or work trips can take a toll on our sleep patterns. Besides the obvious jet lag, travelling by air can be tiresome - exhausting our bodies both physically and mentally.

If you’re keen to beat the no-sleep-symptoms then keep our five handy tips to mind before you embark on your next adventure…

1. Plan when you will sleep so that you don’t loose out on any. Book a flight so that it arrives at the destination in the morning local time, ideally as close to when you would usually wake up and set an alarm to make sure you’re asleep by your usual bedtime on the flight.

The disturbed mealtimes can make it tempting to snack during hours that aren’t natural to our usual eat-sleep cycle. Try sticking to your three nutritional meals a day and avoid the in-flight crisps and late-night fizz - save it for when you get there!

3. Travelling can cause you to lose some serious zzz’s. If you struggle to sleep in the air, pick up a lavender aromatherapy roller ball and rub on your pressure points to help you doze off.

4. Drink plenty of water throughout the flight to avoid dehydration and walk up and down the aisle to avoid grogginess and cramps!

5. Give yourself a good sleep setup. Pack an eye mask, travel pillow and a set of your comfiest loungewear or pyjamas. Our Brixton Livaeco Jersey Pyjama Set is the perfect pick to immerse you in style and comfort, elevating your loungewear game to new heights whilst you fly through the sky.