5 Ways to Have a Relaxing Travel Experience

Your out of office is set, your bags are packed, and the destination is so close… yet so far. Although travelling can feel like a chore, the holiday is always worth it. So until we have officially invented teleportation, Fabel and Eve have listed five ways you can ensure ultimate relaxation on your travels…

  1. Travelling can cause you to lose some serious zzz’s. To minimise the damage, pick up a lavender aromatherapy roller ball and rub on your pressure points to help you doze off. For when you are dozing, place on some collagen eye masks to erase any sign of exhaustion and restore the plumpness.
  1. The disturbed mealtimes of travelling can make it tempting to snack during hours that don’t feel natural to our usual eat-sleep cycle. Try sticking to your three nutritional meals a day and avoid the in-flight crisps and late-night fizz.
  1. Running for a flight or flagging down a taxi can cause us hot and flustered. Make sure to leave yourself enough buffer time between transfers and activities to stay calm and collected.
  1. The humidity can leave your throat feeling dry, so it’s super important to hydrate as you travel. Pack your empty reusable bottle and fill it up at a water station once through security, so that you stay hydrated throughout the day.
  1. Despite the heat, the aircon is sadly not your friend. Our skin can feel pretty dire after travels, so pack a pamper bag full of your favourite creams and serums to rub in during your flight. Just remember to keep the liquids under 100ml!

Fable & Eve’s Top Pick for Travelling:

Sleeping in transit can get a little agitating at times, so loose-fitting, layer-able outfits are your best bet to ensure maximum comfort. Our top pick comes from the Hampstead geometric print pyjama set. Don’t be alarmed by the word pyjama here. This modern yet timeless elegance comes as standard for both daytime and night time, as well as exquisite contrast print detailing. Pair with sandals and a sun hat and drape over a cashmere jumper for a chic airport outfit. Want to go the extra mile? Match your style with our Hampstead hair scrunchie. Designed to coordinate perfectly with the other pieces in our Hampstead range, the scrunchie not only adds sophisticated style but is handy to get your flight hair out of your face when applying your beauty creams. 

geometric print pyjama set