Bring The Outdoors Inside This Spring

A glorious spring day is one of life’s simple pleasures. Nothing beats the feeling of waking up to the sunshine beaming through the cracks of the curtains before bursting the double doors open to smell the fresh, revitalising air. 

Although most of us would love to be amongst the blossoming spring scenes all day, we do have children (and colleagues) to look after. A way to honour the requirement to stay indoors whilst enjoying the outdoors this spring is to find ways to bring the glorious outdoors, inside…

Bringing natural fibres, textures and patterns into your home will help you achieve your own personalised naturist nook. In terms of bringing outdoor aesthetics inside, the best place to start is probably the most obvious – plants! Peace Lilies are a favourite for indoor plant lovers. Otherwise known as Spathiphyllum, these are an excellent houseplant and certainly help bring peace to your humble abode. Its glossy green leaves hug its bright white flowers, putting your home in harmony with nature. This plant will also help remove nasty toxins and springtime allergens from the air and it’s forgiving enough for first-time plant owners.

Nights in don’t have to mean eating in front of the TV. Transform your table with colourful linens, plates and glasses to make your living area blossom. You don’t have to be an expert to create a dinner party-worthy set-up. Invest in faux flowers to create everlasting bouquets or gather foraged twigs into a vase and decorate with blooming objects.

Wake up or go to bed with pyjama set that puts you at one with nature. Our Spitalfields Nightwear Collection is perfect for springing out of bed or relaxing after a long day. The Spitalfields Leaf Print Nightshirt shouldn’t be saved for sleeping alone. Open the door, work from home or wrap yourself in a blanket knowing your Fable & Eve Spitalfields nightshirt gives you a stylish and comfortable edge that is perfect for spring.