Coffee and Pyjamas: The Perfect Blend

The 1st October is International Coffee Day. You may be wondering why a pyjama brand celebrates a day dedicated to mornings… but we ask you, what would life be without coffee? It’s the fuel for our early awakenings, the midday mood booster, the love of our life made just the way we like it. Whether you drink it as soon as you open your eyes, stand over the machine in your pyjamas or grab it on the way to work, coffee is the language that the whole world speaks.

To celebrate such a day, Fable and Eve have brewed an Autumnal coffee recipe that is just too delicious to pass up.  

To make your pumpkin spiced coffee, you’ll need:

· 2 tsp pumpkin purée

· pinch of ground cinnamon, plus extra to serve 

· pinch of ground ginger

· pinch of ground nutmeg

· 30ml of the coffee of your choice 

· 250ml cows or plant milk

As the barista, place the pumpkin purée in a large mug and stir in the spices and coffee. Begin to heat the milk in a pan over a low heat or add to your frother to steam. Pour all the components into the mug, stir and dust with cinnamon for the ultimate autumn cuppa. 

Being the second-most traded commodity in the world, it is important we source sustainable coffee from eco-friendly Fairtrade coffee brands. This helps ensure a stable guarantee for coffee farmers across the world.   

Just like coffee farmers, Fable and Eve want to make nightwear that is sustainable. So much so that we use 100% natural fibres and choose modal and cotton blends which don’t use any harsh or synthetic chemicals. This means that all of our fabrics are kind to the planet. 

We have also developed long-standing relationships with the people that make our fabrics and work closely with them to make sure our fabrics pass all the relevant test including the most important one; customer satisfaction. Finishing and trims are not just nice to add, they work with the fabric to create garments that stand the test of time. To put it otherwise, it’s our pledge to you to say there’s no throwaway fashion here. 

Together, we can ensure the world can enjoy coffee and nightwear for many years to come.