Cosy Autumn Evenings

It’s officially the season of nights in by the fire. Nothing beats hanging up your coat when you walk through the door, enjoying a hearty pie and sticking on your favourite movie to unwind after a long day. 

Here at Fable and Eve, we believe nights in are just as special as nights out. Cosying up to a fluffy blanket can help you feel safe and grounded amid the harsher weather and darker days and often, the best therapy comes from taking a step back to switch off and unwind. Pouring a decaffeinated hot chocolate and sticking on your all-time favourite nostalgic film brings unexplainable joy and well-earned respite from life’s hustle and bustle. 

Lighting candles is a given when laying the foundations of your cosy evening, but have you tried making them yourself? Grab yourself a candle-making kit and melt the wax shreddings on a low heat. Add your favourite essential oils and pour into the wick-ed candle holder ready to light the following evening.

Taking a warm bath with bath salts helps relax our muscles and mind, making us feel sleepy when it comes to bedtime. Before slipping into your cosiest pyjamas, reach for your favourite moisturiser and gently work it into your hands and feet. Despite the obvious that these parts of the body needing a little extra love due to the endurance they take daily, massaging your feet and hands has lots of health benefits that can help you de-stress, improve your mood and sleep better. A win win all round. 

Scientifically, having shorter days as we come into Autumn and Winter can cause a stir in our bodies. We often find ourselves in a vicious cycle of feeling extra tired, yet struggling to sleep. It’s important to stick to a bedtime routine and eliminate the factors that can cause disturbed sleep. Besides the contrast with the dark evenings and bright light devices, the blue light emitted by our phones and laptops can actually reduce the amount of Melatonin that is produced and in turn, disrupt the quality and duration of your sleep, upsetting your cardiac rhythm. To improve the time in which it takes you to fall asleep and the quality of your sleep, try to turn off or steer away from digital devices before bed, to allow your mind, eyes and body to completely relax.

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