Essential Oils that are Essential for Sleep

Essential Oils that are Essential for Sleep

Aromatherapy, derived from the word aroma (scent) and therapy, is the practice of using essential oils for therapeutic benefits. We commonly use plant-derived oils for physical benefits, such as massages, skin or hair care, but we often overlook them as a way to improve our psychologies - such as sleep patterns and sleep quality. Essential oils are inexpensive and easy to source, making them all the better to include in your sleep routines as a way to relax your mental and physical state - helping you fall into a deeper sleep faster.

Different oils serve different purposes, and for the essential-oil newbies, browsing the aisle in your local farmers market or health store might feel a little overwhelming. As nighttime experts, the Fable and Eve family have spilled our top three essential oils that help us (and hopefully you) fall asleep faster…

1. Lavender

This is most popular and generally the go-to oil when starting out on one's aromatherapy sleep journey. Lavender is associated with relaxation and sleep thanks to its soothing offerings and sedative impacts. Spray it on your pillow, rub it on your pressure points or diffuse it in the air to create a calming space that lowers anxiety, settles pain and improves sleep quality.

2. Jasmine

Tossing and turning under the duvet is a thing of the past when Jasmine is introduced into your bedtime routine (or so it's been said). Using a jasmine-scented soap bar in your evening bath or burning jasmine essences is not only beneficial to sleep, but also credited to daytime alertness - making it an all-round oil to have in your night and day routines.

3. Chamomile

Commonly consumed in a tea form, chamomile is said to have sleep promoting benefits whilst also alleviating anxiety and depression, thanks to its sedative effects. Sip on a warm tea or add droplets into your bedside diffuser to induce a deep sleep before you tackle tomorrow's day ahead.

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