Five Bedroom Plants for a Better Sleep

You spend a big chunk of your life in your bedroom. In fact, on average, you’ll spend one third of your life in there and therefore, it deserves just as much attention as the other rooms in the house. 

Creating a peaceful sleep sanctuary is vital for your downtime. One way to elevate your sleep quality is to surround yourself with nature. We’re not telling you to grab the camping tent and pitch it in the garden, but in order to reap the benefits nature has on sleep, you can simply add some foliage to your bedroom and create your own nature nook. Whether you’re an experienced plant-er or are new to plant parenthood, here are the five best bedroom plants to help you sleep….

Peace Lily

Peace Lilies, otherwise known as Spathiphyllum, are an excellent houseplant and certainly help bring peace to your humble abode. Its glossy green leaves hug its bright white flowers, offering a gorgeous statement to your bedside table. This plant will help remove nasty toxins and allergens from the air and it’s forgiving enough for first time plant owners.

English Ivy

Whilst its picturesque draping vine leaves offer added décor, the English Ivy also has the excellent ability to exude oxygen and purify the air, making it a great choice for the bedroom. Sleep easy as it hangs above your bed or over your door, whilst it works hard to tackle unwanted air pollutants.


Sansevieria’s are night-time oxygen givers. They love the shade, meaning whilst you sleep, they’ll be working hard to reduce the air’s toxic chemicals and increase the freshness. What’s more, they’re hard to kill, making them super easy bedroom additions for the plant newbies out there!


Commonly found in sleep products, Lavender has been found to calm the nervous system, thus enhancing sleep quality. This soothing plant is both pretty and purposeful to have on your bedside table in order to create a calming spa throughout your slumber. It won’t last forever in the bedroom, so when it does begin to fade after a few months, then plant it outside ready to harvest again the next year.


Any plant that makes your bedroom feel more welcoming is great for creating a safe space. Research has found that plants enhance wellbeing by reducing our bodies stress levels. Unlike us, a Calathea stands up during the night as it reacts to the change in light, producing bundles of oxygen. Fittingly, the Calathea symbolises a new beginning, acquired from the expression ‘to turn over a new leaf’. Its the ideal bedroom plant to fall into a peaceful sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.