Pyjama Drawer Spring Clean: Your Sign to Swap Out The Old For Sustainable Sleepwear

Pyjama Drawer Spring Clean: Your Sign to Swap Out The Old For Sustainable Sleepwear

As the vibrant hues of spring bloom around us, there's an undeniable urge to purge the clutter accumulated during the winter hibernation. While decluttering lofts and wardrobes is the main task at hand, one often overlooked area deserving attention is the humble pyjama drawer. Yes, we’re talking about that pile of worn-out tees, faded shorts, and mismatched socks.

Here at Fable and Eve, we’re firm believers that a spring clean should be a transformative journey toward sustainable staples you can wear time and time again. In this blog, we delve into the compelling reasons why it's time to bid adieu to the old and embrace sleepwear that's not just comfortable but also eco-conscious. From the environmental impacts to the benefits of choosing organic fabrics, join us as we explore how a simple swap in your sleep attire can make a world of difference – both for your sleep routine and the planet.

We are proud to produce pyjamas made from fabrics which are both soft-to-touch and sustainable. We worked hand-in-hand with our trusted fabric partners to refine our famous blend of BCI cotton and modal. If you’re new here, BCI stands for Better Cotton Initiative, so blending this with Modal (which is made from sustainable wood pulp) means you can rest easy knowing your pyjamas are part of the largest cotton sustainability programme in the world. We feel strongly that blending these materials creates fabrics that are naturally super-soft, have a beautiful depth of colour, feel cool and comfortable next to the skin and won’t suffer from repeated washing and drying.

Our teams are spread across the UK and India and all adhere to responsible and sustainable working conditions, which is demonstrated through the love and care put into the making of our sleepwear.

Beyond the pyjamas, we’ve made sure that all our packaging is plastic-free, meaning you can recycle it within your household recycling with ease. To read more about our sustainable practices, learn about our fabrics or browse our spring collections, visit