Silk Pillowcases

If you are new here then you will quickly realise that we are fabric fanatics. More or less anything that involves fabrics and sleep combined, Fable & Eve will slightly obsess over. So when silk pillowcases came into trend, we of course had to add them to our ‘must have’ list.

We have all learnt to adapt to the ever-changing circumstances after a year of salons opening and shutting. We’ve spent the past year investing in skincare and haircare products; perfecting our morning and nighttime routines with hopes to achieve a glowing complexion and healthy locks.

It’s all well and good applying our serums, acids, masks and moisturisers day and night, but how can we ensure that we are getting the most out of our efforts?

This is where Silk Pillowcases come into play. You’ve probably heard of them, and wondered whether they are just a luxury form of bedding. Silk pillowcases are currently a hot trend in skin and haircare beauty because unlike cotton, silk does not absorb all those expensive night creams and hair oils. Silk is breathable and a natural heat regulator, so it’s perfect for both summer and winter. In fact, silk derived from silkworms naturally prevents the buildup of dust, mold and fungus (admittedly not the most glamorous factor, but still important to consider).

In essence, silk pillowcases can make our skin care efforts more effective as they are less likely to cause fine lines and wrinkles compared to cotton pillowcases which tug and pull on our skin. Silk allows for less friction than cotton, which helps prevent hair breakage and frizz; so you can wake up with the same blow dry you went to bed with (just like in the movies).

Our face will undoubtedly be pressed up against a pillow during our tossing and turning, so it’s worth investing in the best quality. Silk quality is measured by momme instead of thread count and the majority of silk pillowcases on the market will range between 15-30mm. Good Housekeeping suggests the best performers of silk pillowcases were around 22 momme or higher, so try to aim for that when browsing.

To put it simply, if you want to reduce the chance of wrinkles and say goodbye to bedhead, then invest in a silk pillowcase to really put the beauty in your beauty sleep.