Sophisticated Sipping: Candy Cane Vodka Cocktail

Tis the season for indulging foods, warm baths and cosy evenings by the fire with your favourite Christmas box set playing in the background. 

If you haven’t heard, this Christmas is all about staying in. Packed bars and pre-booked taxis are a thing of the past. Well, we certainly think so. We believe one has truly hit the height of luxury when you can enjoy a cocktail evening at home in your pyjamas, with friends or even better, alone.

Start your Christmas evenings-in with a Candy Cane Vodka cocktail, a sweet tipple that will elevate any festive celebrations. 

To Make…

  • 100g candy canes
  • 300ml vodka

To Mix

Break the candy canes into small chunks and throw into a glass jug. Pour in the vodka and cover for 5 hours to let the candy canes dissolve. Strain into a glass bottle, using a funnel to help, and place in the fridge. Serve straight or with a mixer. Store in the fridge for up to a week. 

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