Summer Skincare Routine for Night and Day

Why do I need a different skincare routine for summer and winter? Just like how nature adapts to the change in seasons, so does our skin. Think of it like swapping in your summer clothes and retiring the winter clothes to the loft, you won’t need your coat for a while, but it’ll be back soon.

With just a few simple steps, you can transform your skincare regime so that it’s set for summer. Here’s a guide to your new and improved skincare routine, before and after bed…

Before you go to bed:

  1. A good skincare session always starts with a good dressing gown. Wrap yourself in the Fable and Eve Highgate Toadstool Print Long Dressing Gown and immerse yourself in the epitome of luxury and comfort. Featuring a whimsical grey toadstool print to make bedtime a magical journey of style and serenity. The fabric composition of 68% modal and 32% cotton keeps you cool whilst the unparalleled softness prompts you to indulge in your bedtime summer skincare routine.
  2. First cleanse with a gentle exfoliator to remove the oils and dead skin to minimise pores and avoid breakouts.
  3. Cooling eye masks after a day of heat is a summer safe haven. Dedicate a section of your fridge to keep your products cool, ready for when you need them. Soon enough, fridge-kept skincare will become your new best friend.
  4. Summer air is notoriously dry, so using a night cream filled with butters and essential oilers will help regenerate the cells and lock in moister.

After you get out of bed:

  1. Tie your hair up with our matching Wimbledon Sea Horse Print Scrunchie. Crafted from repurposed fabric offcuts to promote a more eco-friendly future and gentle touch on your locks ready to start your skincare routine.
  2. Plump your skin with hydration from a Hyaluronic acid as your first step for awakened, dewy skin.
  3. SPF, SPF, SPF… all day, every day. Even when the clouds are looking a little grey, never skip this step! Invest in a high-protection SPF with built-in moisturiser and apply it to your face and neck before you step outside, and throughout the day.
  4. Need a quick boost of life? Hydrate with a spritz rose water or aloe vera mist. Carry it in your bag for a moister hit any time of day.