The Best Fabrics For Summer Nightwear

We all love lighter, warming evenings – but it is hard not to feel a little uncomfortable when it comes to bedtime and the outside temperature is still hot. Besides the obvious cold shower before bed, fan on and sheets off, we can understandably feel fidgety and frustrated when the heat starts to disturb our sleep pattern. This is when choosing the right sleepwear fabric is vital.

The majority of pyjamas you purchase in summer are made from cotton, silk or linen. This is because these are the coolest fabrics most suitable for heat. Silk works as a temperature regulator, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Linen allows for optimum breathability and cotton prevents the heat from being trapped next to your skin.

Although we have nothing against 100% cotton, silk or linen fabrics, we believe that the best fabrics for making pyjamas are a clever blend of modal and cotton. We feel strongly though that blending modal and cotton creates a fabric that is naturally super-soft, stretchy, drapes well, has a beautiful depth of colour, won’t suffer from repeated washing and drying and most importantly feels cool and comfortable next to your skin during summer nights.

So what is modal? Modal is a more luxurious textile due to its nature and softness. Its breathable characteristics and water-absorbent properties are ideal for hot evenings. What’s more, model doesn’t pill, shrink or crease making it a convenient garment to have in your wardrobe (and so that you can avoid the ironing basket).

What’s also important is the impact that our modal-based fabrics have on the world around us. We don’t believe in throwaway fashion and we want to make nightwear that has as little impact on our planet as possible. Modal is made from sustainable wood pulp, meaning it is compostable and biodegradable. The processes used to produce modal means that we don’t have to use any harsh synthetic chemicals.

Our totally natural fibres mean that we make you nightwear that will last for countless years to come. Although we may be a tad biased, our model-cotton blend allows for the perfect seasonal sleepwear fabric due to its cooling nature, soft touch and sustainable properties – but we will leave that to you to see for yourself.