The Guide to Slow Mornings

Slow mornings are about self-care and self-love. Dedicating time to yourself as the sun rises helps reduce stress and increase productivity, whilst also allowing you to enjoy the things that make you happy. 

At Fable and Eve, we believe self-care is the best care. Before shrugging slow mornings off, take a peak at our guide and see if you change your mind…

Plan ahead

The secret to slow mornings all starts with the night before. Our busy lives are filled with so many commitments which often leaves very little free time. Slow mornings start with feeling organised. Planning meals, workouts and chores ahead can help you feel prepared and reduce the instinct of feeling rushed.

Don’t reach for the device

Reaching for your phone as soon as you open your eyes can actually increase stress levels. Seeing unwanted news or feeling the need to reply to work emails whilst still in bed is something you should try to avoid. Alternatively, spending the first thirty minutes in your own thoughts is the warm up your brain needs before you sprint through the day.

Meet with nature 

Getting outdoors before you start your day will leave you with a stronger sense of revitalisation, more energy and less confusion, anger and depression. Any kind of exercise can be great for stress relief, but it’s been discovered that exercising in the midst of nature can be a powerful antidote, helping to lower concentrations of the stress hormone cortisol while burning calories and helping the immune system function correctly. So slip out of your pyjamas and into your cosiest hoodie and dedicate twenty minutes to a stroll round the block. Even if that stroll is a slow one.