Your Perfect Autumn Evening Routine

Your Perfect Autumn Evening Routine

There's no greater feeling than shedding your coat as you step through the door after a long day, running a warm bath and switching on your favourite binge-worthy series. As the clocks set to go back, this seasonal shift is the perfect excuse to revitalise our evening routines, introducing small luxuries that embrace the cosy spirit of fall. Here’s how…

Begin your autumn evening ritual by leaving behind the day's stresses. As twilight settles, take a moment to breathe in the fresh, cool air, maybe by stepping out for a dog walk or opening a window, allowing the faint rustle of drying leaves and the scent of earthiness to calm your senses.

Prepare a one tray bake of veggies with your choice of protein and put into the oven to roast as you start your wind down. Then spend the next hour or so completely for yourself. Delve into a good book, the kind that you can’t put down and transports you to another world. Alternatively, write about your day, or practise some slow restorative yoga before refuelling your body.

After dinner, light your best-scented candle and take a hot bath enriched with bath salts to relax your muscles and mind. Wrap yourself in your dressing gown and perform your nightly skincare routine, replenishing the skin's goodness with serums, oils and moisturisers.

Want to take your evening routine to another level? Well they do say one of life’s finest luxuries is a new set of pyjamas (and by ‘they’ we mean us). As the nightwear experts, here at Fable & Eve we believe nights in are just as special as nights out and there is nothing more fitting for a cosy autumn evening routine than a new pair of pyjamas.

When sleep beckons, make your way to your bedroom, diffuse essential oils like lavender or chamomile to promote relaxation and slide under the covers. Drift off appreciating the tranquillity of your autumn evening routine, thanking your body for its hard work, ready to do it all over again tomorrow.