When we created Fable & Eve, we wanted, above all, to share our love of nightwear with you, our customers. There is though, so much more to us than gorgeously soft styles and beautiful designs. We want to share more with you and let you really see the thinking behind the brand. For us this is not just about pyjamas and dressing gowns, it’s about creating nightwear style in a responsible way, that’s kind, caring and transparent. Let us tell you about some of the things that are important to us.
Being Honest
We set out to be open about everything we do. For us this means being honest with ourselves, with our team, but above all with you our customer. So, on that note, we want to hear about anything that matters to you. Do get in touch with any feedback you have and if we can change something we will. If it’s not possible yet, we’ll be honest and explain why.
Being Aware Of The Those Around Us (Or Being Socially Aware)
Everyone involved in the creation, production and delivery of Fable & Eve is important and deserves to be treated fairly. Being paid a fair, living wage is non-negotiable when it comes to the people who work with us and we make sure that those working in our factories get support when they need it, not just for themselves, but also for their families.
Being Kind To Our Planet (Or Being Planet Friendly)
We want to make nightwear that has as little impact on our planet as possible. For this reason, we use 100% natural fibres and choose modal/cotton blends which don’t use any harsh or synthetic chemicals. This means that all of our fabrics are sustainable.
You may be wondering why we don’t use organic cotton and the explanation is simple. We’d love to but as it stands the comfort and softness of our nightwear would be compromised. Instead we’ve selected cotton that’s both sustainable and soft but we’re not writing organic cotton off. We’re keeping close to our fabric partners and will continue to work on getting organic cotton to be as soft as our current fabrics.
Being Relentless In Our Efforts To Bring You Superb Quality
We’ve always been passionate about quality and we know this will never change. When we talk about quality, it encompasses everything we do. It starts with developing fabrics that are beautifully soft, long-lasting and totally suitable for the garments we design. We’ve developed long-standing relationships with the people that make our fabrics and work closely with them to make sure our fabrics pass all the relevant test including the most important one; customer satisfaction. Finishing and trims are not just nice to add, they work with the fabric to create garments that stand the test of time. There’s no throwaway fashion here. We expect our nightwear to last you for years.
Being That Company That Goes The Extra Mile
All of our efforts go into bringing you the best possible product and experience and this includes your order arriving on time. Very occasionally though, this doesn’t always work out in the way we’d hoped. Your order may have been delayed, damaged or the garment isn’t up to our usual standard. When this happens, we put ourselves in your shoes and will make things right as quickly as possible. We want every part of the Fable & Eve experience to be incredible for you. We’re always looking to learn and improve and that’s why reviews are so important to us. Don’t stay silent, if we can learn from your experience, good or not so good, then please do take the time to leave us a review. You’ll receive a request from Feefo and we read every single one. The great reviews spur us on to do more and the not so good reviews help us to get better and avoid having similar problems in the future.